Homeschool Beginnings

Our homeschooling story began in 2010.  My oldest daughter, Jaelyn was five years old and she would be beginning kindergarten in the fall.  I’m sure like most moms the idea of my daughter starting school gave me anxiety.  I guess my biggest worry was about sending my little one into the world at such a young age.  Up until this point her family and a few friends were her world.  I was very uneasy about sending her to public school where she would be exposed to ideas and situations that I felt she was not yet equipped for.  I started to investigate private Christian schools in our area.  The price of the private schools was enough to deter us from the option, so we began to explore other options.


I guess I should also say that my husband and I knew nothing about homeschooling prior to this point.  Homeschooling was never on our radar, it was never an option for us (or so we thought).  My husband was actually against homeschooling and I was neutral on the subject because I really knew nothing about it and didn’t know anyone who had experience with homeschooling.

Around this time my cousin had begun to explore K12 for her children.  This was our starting point.  If you aren’t familiar with K12 it is basically virtual public school.  School work is done and submitted online and you have counselor and teachers to help you.  It is all done through the school system.  We looked at the K12 program online and I showed my husband.  Through investigating schooling options I found that K12 and other options like it are not considered homeschooling.  You complete all of the schoolwork from your home, but you are under the umbrella of the school system and have to meet their requirements in regards to standardized testing and their school schedule.

I connected with some families at church who homeschool their children.  I asked questions.  I asked A LOT of questions.  I researched online and read everything I could about homeschooling and  I checked out books from our library on homeschooling.  I shared all of this information that I found with my husband.  We were amazed at the resources we found for homeschoolers.

After looking at all of the homeschooling resources we deciding that we would try homeschooling for a year and see how it goes.  Well, that was years ago and we have never regretted the decision.

If you have any questions about homeschooling please feel free to contact me with questions.

Here are some great homeschool links:


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