New Travels

So after a very long hiatus, I think I may be ready to blog again.

We are making some huge changes around here at our zoo.  I feel like we’ve taken our life and shaken everything up and kind of turned it upside down.  That may be a bit dramatic, but that’s the way it feels to me.

So, I will start at the beginning…… (this may be a long post):  The end of April my friend, Risherrah, and I went on a moms only-no kid- weekend trip to the mountains- Hendersonville, NC, one of favorite places (so far) in the world.  While on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Folk Art Center we met a couple that travel ten months out of the year in their RV with their two children.  So, I am listening to this couple’s amazing story of how they sold pretty much everything they own- their house and most of their belongings.  The husband works two months out of the year which pays for their camper, site fees and other expenses.  And, they are young- in their twenties.

Listening to their story made me think that they are living my dream.

So, if you know me, or you have read this blog, you know that I am a nurse.  For years I thought my dream was to be a stay at home, homeschool mom.  Well. that never panned out for me and I just decided to embrace the fact that I have the best of two worlds- I work 2 twelve hour shifts a week and I am home with my children most of the time.  I’ve come to see nursing as a part of my ministry and instead of fighting working I’ve come to enjoy it (most days 🙂 )  I’ve considered travel nursing in the past- for about five seconds.  Look y’all, I’m an introvert and I love my comfort zone.

BUT, after I left that Folk Art Center in NC all Risherrah and I could talk about how amazing it would be to pack up our families and travel like that.  That enthusiasm didn’t end there.  When I got home I shared the story with my husband and children.  We talked and talked and talked about the possibilities.  I never thought I could be a travel nurse.  I didn’t think it was suitable for my personality.  Something I realize though is that I am the only one that can hold myself back.  the only thing holding me back from doing this (aside from my husband’s approval) was my own fear.  Well, I refuse to live in fear.  My excitement about the possibilities far outweigh my fear of new people and environments.

So, on May 1st at almost midnight, hours after returning from my NC trip I filled out an application for a travel nursing company.  The next morning a recruiter called me.  On May 4th I was submitted to 3 different hospital postings.  On May 5th I had a telephone interview with a nurse manager from a hospital in Florence, SC (about 2 hours from my home).  On May 6th I was accepted for that position and signed 13 week contract.  Also on May 6th I resigned from the unti I have worked on for eleven years, a health system I have worked for over 17 years.

My assignment and my new career as a travel nurse begins June 6th, just a few days from now.  Tomorrow and Thursday are my last two shifts on my unit.  This is where I became an ICU nurse.  I have learned so much and made so many wonderful friends, that leaving will be sad, but the new journey holds way too much potential and excitement not to take the leap of faith.

So, here begins are new journey- me and my zoo.


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