Girl. You know I have that dream to try RV -ing.
    I think of such for if I ever do travel nurse, I have the three dogs to think off… housing is difficult.

    Question- what are you able to write off ? Gas, mileage? How many miles to the gallon do you get?

    Did campgrounds have a limit for dogs?

    So glad you are

    • Honestly, with the new tax laws I have absolutely no idea what you are able to write off- I would definitely talk to an accountant about that. I actually did not write off the mileage or the gas. My company does some reimbursement for travel and I know that you are able to write (or were able to) write off what your company doesn’t cover. Obviously, you can’t write off what they reimburse you for. The RV loan is treated as a mortgage so you can claim that on your taxes. On our RV the average miles per gallon was somewhere around 10 miles- the flatter the landscape, the better the gas mileage. We probably got around 8 miles per gallon when we were in a mountainous area. The campgrounds differ- some have breed restrictions, some have a limit on how many. I’m thinking you will probably be ok in most areas with 3 dogs. Usually the breed restrictions are those that people stereotypical assign aggressive to- pit bulls, chow, etc. Honestly, if you are seriously thinking about it I would sit down and make a list of the places you really want to go and then call campgrounds in those areas and ask. We used the RV parky app a lot to find campgrounds in different areas, but a lot of times Google works just as well.

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