It’s a New Year

Welcome to 2021! A lot of us have been looking forward to the new year. It seems like 2020 was a real doozy in so many ways.

I love the quote by L.M. Montgomery that “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it…yet”.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I do have some themes and concepts that I want to carry with me into this new year.

‘Bloom where you are planted’. This is not a new concept for me, but definitely an idea that I need to revisit. My plan was to come home, renovate a house, move to NC, or go back to traveling. Well, just like life happens, those plans have not gone as I thought. A Hashimoto’s diagnosis, an additional degree, and a few extra children living in our home did happen. I have had to slow down, lower my expectations, and work on my patience. I’m right here, right now- what can I do to flourish and grow right here?

Simplify. This is a journey I feel like I have been on for a bit that I’d like to further improve upon. Less stress, less stuff, declutter, regroup. Bit by bit I’ve been going through my belongings and getting rid of the extra, unneeded stuff. The extra stuff that doesn’t add value to my life goes into the donate or trash bin. Decluttering can also be applied to other areas of life- removing yourself from toxic relationships and habits can be part of the process as well. This holiday season was so much less stressful for me than a lot of previous years. We kept things simple- our meals, our gifts, our outings (some due to Covid), and it was a relaxing, refreshing time instead of a crazy, stressed time.

Being Present. I think this concept complements ‘bloom where you are planted’. Instead of constantly looking toward the future and planning the next big ‘thing’, I want to enjoy my time in this moment. I am a planner and I love a plan, but so many times I have not fully engaged with the present because I was constantly looking at the horizon for the next event on the time line. We are not promised tomorrow and I definitely want to enjoy today.

Life is a journey.

What do you want you New Year to look like? Do you have any goals you’d like to meet?

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