How could I write anything and not talk about my faith?  It is part of who I am, it affects how I look at things, how I think about things and how I make decisions.  Faith, it’s not a thing that stays the same.  Life happens and faith grows and sometimes, sadly, it falters.

What does this faith thing mean to me?  Honestly, it’s a thing I’m still figuring out, I’m still struggling through.  There are a few things I can tell you though.  Jesus is the son of God and he died to take away the sin of the world.  He came to save us.  He came to give us salvation so that we may live in eternity, in paradise, with him and the Father.  He did this for every. single. person.

Relationship is what it is about.  A relationship with God, with Jesus.  Its not abut religion or man made rules.  It’s not about hypocrisy.  It’s about love and relationship.  Jesus said the most important commandments was to love God and love your neighbor- everything else would be taken care of under that (obviously I am paraphrasing).  It’s blessedly simple, and yet we make it so complicated.

So, here, I talk about my travels and our life as a traveling family, but I cannot talk about those things without talking about faith.  Faith is a part of me and not taking about would not be truthful. I hope you’ll hear my heart.