Wandering Tent Rocks


  As fun thing for our family to do together we decided to join the ‘painting rocks movement’.  We thought it would be fun to paint rocks and leave them in places for others to find.  And since we are a traveling family we thought it would be a lot of fun to leave rocks in the places we have the opportunity to visit.

  1. Find Rocks-   some specify certain rocks, but we all kinds.  If it is large and flat enough to paint, then go for it (don’t remove any rocks from State or Federal parks as this is illegal!)
  2. Wash your Rocks
  3. Paint your Rocks- we use acrylic paint
  4. Label your Rocks (if you label your rocks then you may be able to follow them on Facebook)
  5. Use Modge Podge to protect your rock’s paint job
  6. Hide your Rocks (don’t hide your rocks in state or federal parks, as this is against their ‘leave no trace’ practices)

Here is a few online resources for starting your own rock painting adventure: